Glad Tones Songs



Molihua – Jasmine Flower – Lyrics and sheet music

Enhao and Laura singing the song:

Miss Wells singing the song:


Parting Glass

Test Piece

The Song That Nature Sings by Ruth Elaine Schram

The Song that Nature Sings – LYRICS             Listen to a choir perform it HERE

Miss Wells singing the tune:

…coming soon….

El Cielo Canta Alegria

Watch and listen here.        word sheet      Sheet music


HIGH PART: voice only and then with piano

LOW PART: voice only and then with piano

Purea Nei

Purea Nei words and chords


Sea Fever

Sea Fever- LYRICS      Listen to it sung professionally  HERE and HERE

Verse 1 & 2

Verse 3


Black Socks

Black socks, they never get dirty. The longer you wear them the stronger they get.

Sometimes I think I should wash them but something keeps telling me, “Don’t wash them yet….not yet….not yet….not yet….”

Hey Ho

Hey ho, nobody home  –  meat nor drink nor money have I none  –  still I will be merry!


Viva La Musica!


Windy Nights 

Windy Nights LYRICS

Whole Song with Alena, Mika and Miss Wells

Low part from unison(together) “..Trees are crying..” and then the low part at the split “Whenever the trees are crying..”




Te Harinui


1. Te Harinui Watch

Listen to HIGH PART:



Listen to LOW PART:


Ode to Joy

‘Ode to Joy’ words

Listen here: Verse one and then Verse 2, 3 and end…


Kids Sing 2016

  1. Test Piece: ‘Hokitika Bill’ Music by David Hamilton, Poetry by James K. Baxter

Hokitika Bill word sheets

Hokitika Bill Melody Line – Katie, Arina, Abby, Alena, Joyena, Leo, Reuben, Maxi, Hannah, Tiffany, Shukthika

Hokitika Bill Harmony line – William, Georgie, Zoe, Lily, Emma, Mika, Jon, Trinity, Isobel


Melody to high – Katie, Arina, Abby, Alena, Joyena, Leo

Melody to Middle – Reuben, Maxi, Hannah, Tiffany, Shukthika

Harmony (ahs) to Middle – William, Zoe

Harmony (ahs) to Low – Georgie, Lily, Emma, Mika, Jon, Trinity, Isobel



3. Hine, e hine

Hine e hine – word sheet

E hine tune/Kati harmony – Abby, Maxi, Zoe, Alena, Katie, Hannah, Lily, Joyena, Reuben, Leo

E Hine harmony/Kati tune – Georgie, Mika, William, Emma, Isobel, Trinity, Arina, Jon, Tiffany, Shukthika




Listen here


Stand Up

Stand Up sheet music

High part

Middle part

Low part



Kids Sing 2015:

1. Sound of the Wind

2. TEST PIECE: I had a little nut tree – English Folk Song arranged by Betty Bertaux I had a little nut tree Song sheet

3. The Tide in the RiverSlide1

Part 1

Part 2




Part 3

Part 4A




Wairua Tapu remember, you need to do the opposite to these actions!! 

     NZ Youth Choir in concert


Kai tito: Wiremu Reedy (Ngati-Porou)

Wairua Tapu tau mai ra

Wairua Tapu mai runga

Uhia mai, ngá Taonga pai

Homai to aroha


Wáhia, kia tika

Akonga mai ra kia ú ki te pai

Horoia, kia má tonu ra                     

Mohau te tino kororia


Listen to this excellent singing of KEEP YOU IN PEACE

after 2:06 minutes it is a different song.

Sing along for the first verse to practise. For the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th verses, listen for your part and then practise with it.

Work to sing your part perfectly and to remember the words to all the verses.

Here are the words…

This and this are better clips to work on the pronunciation.


Sov du lilla videung is a swedish lullaby. This is a good recording of a swedish (I think) children’s choir. We will not be singing exactly the same version, but you can sing along to learn your words and the tune.

Here are the words.



  1. Hi Miss Wells.
    Could you please make a sound track of you singing Aotearoa because I am not allowed to use youtube.
    Thanks Emma.

  2. Hi Miss Wells. In Hine E Hine the people are mixed up. My group does the harmony then the tune, not vice versa.
    Thanks Emma.

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