Gladstone Choir Songs


Test Piece

The Song That Nature Sings by Ruth Elaine Schram

The Song that Nature Sings – LYRICS             Listen to a choir perform it HERE

Miss Wells singing the tune:

…coming soon…


What a wonderful world

What a wonderful world lyrics HERE Listen to Louis Armstrong HERE

And some more to watch/listen to HERE and HERE and HERE

Listen to Miss Wells sing our version. Practise to get the timing correct:


Black Socks

Black socks, they never get dirty. The longer you wear them the stronger they get.

Sometimes I think I should wash them but something keeps telling me, “Don’t wash them yet….not yet….not yet….not yet….”


Hey Ho

Hey ho, nobody home  –  meat nor drink nor money have I none  –  still I will be merry!

Viva La Musica!



Ode to Joy

‘Ode to Joy’ words

Listen here: Verse one and then Verse 2, 3 and end…


The Lion and the Rat

Le Lion et Le Rat WORDS

Listen to the first part:

Kids Sing 2016

  1. Test Piece: ‘Hokitika Bill’ Music by David Hamilton, Poetry by James K. Baxter

Hokitika Bill – word sheet

2. Walking in the Air

Listen here

Walking in the Air Lyrics

3. My Sister Ate an Orange

My Sister Ate an Orange Lyrics


Kids Sing 2015:

1. TEST PIECE: I had a little nut tree – English Folk Song arranged by Betty Bertaux I had a little nut tree Song sheet

2. Life’s not been the same in our family

3. When I Grow Up With Tim Minchin, the composer, playing Lyrics


Listen to this excellent singing of KEEP YOU IN PEACE after 2:06 minutes it is a different song.

Sing along for the first verse to practise. When you feel confident, sing the tune along with the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th verses.

Work to sing the tune perfectly and to remember the words to all the verses.

Here are the words…


My Sister Ate an Orange listen below to learn…

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