Kids Sing and Gala

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On Monday 14th August the choirs will be performing in the Kids Sing Competition in the Town Hall. We will also be performing in the evening at the Gala Concert.


WHEN:            Monday 14th August               COST: $6

LEAVE SCHOOL:           1:00pm                      RETURN:       4:30pm (NB late return)

You can come and watch the daytime performances. The session begins at 1:30pm and the cost is $2 at the door.

Glad Tones perform at 2pm    –    Gladstone Choir performs at 3:30pm

Uniform: neat black only bottoms (skirt, trousers) and shoes and socks (if wearing). Green and blue t-shirts will be provided.


Meet in the Supper Room of the Auckland Town Hall

TIME:              5:45pm

PICK UP:        8pm

Please note that transport is your own to the Gala evening. If you are stuck please contact me as soon as possible to see if we can make a plan.



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Day Performance: Children will wear all black bottoms – long trousers, skirts to be below knee high, no jeans please, black shoes/socks – we will wear school shirts which will be sorted on Monday.

Evening Gala: Meet at 6pm in the Supper Room at the Town Hall – pick up is about 8:30, either from where we are seated, or in the supper room (if we are not there any more).


In case you want more or didn't get your order in...
In case you want more or didn’t get your order in…




A big congratulations to our dedicated choir members for a successful performance at this years Kids Sing!!

A Bronze Award no less. I was very proud of the way the singers delivered the music and the great ambassadors they were for Gladstone School. Mr Shadbolt was awestruck when he heard us and very proud.

Here is the adjudicators report…..very complimentary with some great advice too.

Gladstone Primary Performance Report



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