Joining Up

To join a choir, come and talk to Miss Wells in Room 60.

Choir Descriptions

Gladstone Chorale: An all comers choir for Years 4, 5, and 6.

This choir is not auditioned and is not limited to those who can sing. If you are struggling with singing, it’s a great idea to join! You will find that your singing will improve through the rehearsal training.

This choir rehearses on a Tuesday mornings, 7:55am – 8:30am and at lunchtime from the beginning of lunch eating (bring your lunch) in the Music Room.


Glad Tones: An auditioned choir for Years 5 and 6.

This choir requires an audition. Nothing scary! The audition can be done by yourself or in a group up to 5 people. This just gives me a chance to hear your voice and see how you are able to respond to instructions for singing. You do not have to have the most amazing voice, but I will need to see that you can find the pitch most of the time. If you are not 100% in tune but show high interest and the ability to learn quickly, you may well get in, as your singing will improve with the training. If you don’t get in, you will still be able to sing with the Gladstone Chorale and have a great time!

This choir rehearses on a Monday in the Music Room from 3:15pm-4:30pm, and on Tuesday mornings at 7:55am – 8:30am . It’s a good idea to bring a second brain snack on Mondays to refuel you after school before the rehearsal begins.


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