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Hi there

Just a little bit of notice for Room 15 – we are heading over to Oakley Creek on Wednesday 8th August 11:45-12:45 for some tree planting.  We will need approximately 7-8 parent helpers to meet the ratio of adult to children near water.  If you can help out can you please email me back.
Thank you


Week 1 Term 3 – Room 15


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Good morning everyone

I hope your day started off with a smile! This term is going to be amazing with lots of learning experiences linked to Science and our waterways (chosen by the children last term).

Just a couple of reminders….

  • Camp notices – these were sent home last term, thank you to the 16 of you who have filled in the form and returned it.  We don’t need any payment as yet – just the form.  The children would like to win the prize for having all the forms returned first so let support them and return the forms even if the children aren’t attending camp next year.
  • We have a powhiri for our visiting Chinese students today in the hall.  Our Room 15 students will arrive in week 3.
  • Room 15 are on whole school assembly next week (week 2).
  • There is a high abilities meeting for parents on Tuesday 8th August between 7pm-8pm the discussion will be held by Brooke Trenwith who will speak about some of the joys and  challenges of parenting a child with High Abilities! She will also talk about e-learning tools that are useful at home.
  • Wednesday – PE is gymnastics, please remind the children to wear appropriate clothing.
  • Monday (today) is library.

Have a great first week.

Week 10 Room 15


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A massive thank you to the following parents/grandparents who came along to Corban’s Estate Art Centre on Monday.  We couldn’t have done it without you, as you found out it was very hands on for everyone there.  The children are extremely proud of their manu tukutuku (kites).  They will be hung up in the classroom next term for everyone to see.

Thank you …

  • Peter Kerridge, Tim Jones, Debbie Bourne, Sarah Haigh, Kelly Cook, Kyla Covic, Liz Panoukos, Melissa Hall, Matthew Farrant, Leigh Coates and Eli’s Nana.

Small Empty Boxes Required


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Hi there

I would love to have a selection of small boxes for the children to work out volumes with next week.  If you have any toothpaste, soap boxes, cereal boxes that are empty can you please send them to school with your child.


Thanks have a great weekend.



Room 15


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Good Morning 

This Thursday the children are attending a performance by STRIKE (a percussion band) and then participating in a workshop using drums.  I’m sure they will love every minute.

Thank you so much for those people who have paid the Hands on Creatures payment of $5.   If your child’s payment is still to be made it would be appreciated if payment could be made soon.

We have lots of parents who are able to come along to the Corbans Art Centre and we would like you all to attend (it’s very hands on for everyone involved).  So if you said you could come along then we definitely would like you to.

Below is some information about our Gladstone Matariki Evening next week.  Everyone in the community is invited.

Gladstone Matariki Evening

On Wednesday the 28th of June at 6pm we will be holding a Matariki Evening event. The aim of the evening is to not only celebrate Matariki, the Maori New Year, but to also inform our community about what Matariki is. The evening will have a number of events all within the one evening. They are as follows:

  1. Powhiri: We will perform a powhiri, a Maori welcome, in our school hall to start off the evening.

  1. Performance about Matariki: We have organised a performance by the J Geeks about Matariki to inform the audience about what Matariki is and why it is celebrated. In the past Maori families would get together for wananga, schools of learning, which would keep them occupied over the winter.

  1. Kai Hakari:The old-time Matariki was a time for feasting and sharing the harvest bounty with family and friends. Once the show is over we will all sit and eat together in the hall.

All members of our Gladstone community are welcome to attend and we hope to see you all there.

If you have any questions please contact Mr. David – taod@gladstone.school.nz

Have a great week.  This week’s photo is of the children ‘big paper writing’ all they know about bees.

Room 15 Week 7 Term 2


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Hi there

Just a couple of things this week.

We had the exciting experience of ‘Hands on Creatures’ last Friday.  The children had the opportunity to hold some amazing creatures such as Avondale Spiders, Lizards, and Stick insects.  This was the motivation for our next topic area of science – the world around us.  Below is the link for more information about this experience (it also has a cost associated with it of $5).  The children took a note home last week about this.


On July 3rd we have a trip to the Corban’s Art Centre in Henderson.  The children will be making Matariki Kites. Thank you to those people who have already returned the slip and paid.  I appreciate your promptness.

Sausage sizzle is tomorrow – this money will go towards the Arts Team.

On Wednesday the children will be involved in a UNITEC Sports tournament that they have been developing the skills for all term.  The UNITEC coaches have been working with the year 5 children all term in teaching the skills of football and netball.


Senior School Maths


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Hi there

I promised this a while ago, it shows how maths is done within the Senior School, enjoy.


Week 4 Term 2 – Room 15


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Hi there everyone

This Friday we have the cross country at UNITEC.  The children will walk over at approximately 9:45am, below is the schedule for age group races.  Your child will run at the age they are as of 20th June (the Interschool cross country date).  Please note that these times are approximate only and if you want to go watch your children it may pay to arrive half an hour before their scheduled time.



Time Age
10.10 8 girls
10.25 8 boys
10.40 6-7 girls
10.55 6-7 boys
11.10 9 girls
11.25 9 boys
11.40 10-11 girls
11.55 10-11 boys



Aotea Youth Symphony Concert


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Hi there

The senior school has a trip to watch the Aotea Youth Symphony next Wednesday (24th May).  The cost is $2.  I am waiting for 16 return slips and payments from children.  It would be really appreciated if we could get these back tomorrow as they were due on Wednesday 17th.  We are also short of 3 parents to attend with Room 15, if you are free between 8:45-11:00am we would love you to join us (you are free to attend).


thank you


Week 2 Term 2 – Room 15


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Hello everyone

I’m back, there is only so much sitting at home a person can do without going completely mad.  It’s great to see your lovely, smiling children again.  We are (of course) busy this week…

  • Monday – Music
  • Tuesday – UNITEC Coaching
  • Wednesday – PE and the Warriors are visiting us
  • Thursday – Maui show – if you have not paid $3 for your child to attend can this be paid asap

We have Amelia Cooper, a student teacher in her 2nd year at Auckland University, with us for 5 weeks.  If you are in the class come and say hello to her.

If you haven’t already done so please book your parent/teacher/student conference.  These are this week either Wednesday or Thursday.

Come and see the Music programme!
During the Student Involved Conferences this week you are invited to come to the Music Room to meet the Music teacher, Jessica Wells, have a general nosey and ask any questions.
This will be open from 3pm-5pm on Wednesday and 3pm-4pm on Thursday.
If you are unable to come during those times but would like to have a look and/or ask questions, please email to arrange a time: jessicaw@gladstone.school.nz
Have a great week.
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