Room 14 – Golf Roster for the Gala

Hi All,

Here is the roster for this Sunday’s Gala for the Room 14 golf stall. Thank you to those who have volunteered your time, much appreciated. We are still on the hunt for another golf putter so please let me know if you have one.


Setup                            Scott Kara and Nick Margison

10 – 11am                      Kathryn Clarke and Sharon Saunders

11am – 12pm                Jenny Whaley and Lynne Petersen

12pm – 1pm                  Helen Hume

1pm – 2pm/pack up   Andy Marsden and Teresa Weatherall


Golf Putter for Gala Stall

Hi All,

We are after another golf putter for Room 14’s mini golf store for this Sunday’s gala. If you can loan us one of these for Sunday that would be fantastic. Please email me, or reply to this blog post.

Thank you to all those who have volunteered to help out with our class stall. I will post later in the week the times to remind you.

Thanks for your help