Opera Programme Survey

Hi operatic superstars,

I hope you had a great weekend and have recovered from last Friday’s excitement….I nearly have!

Please take a moment to complete this SURVEY that Gemma has sent us.

Many thanks

Miss Wells

  1. I usually dont like anything to do with music except piano, but i did find the programme amazing! The experience was something you dont feel everyday, and actually got me more into old school music. This programme should be run next year as well and should get more and more students to join!

    • Thanks Arya! That’s great feedback and I’m so glad that you enjoyed yourself. There is a whole world out their of ‘old school music’ which is quite exciting when you start to understand it as you have done! Well done for your hard work, you performed so well! 🙂

  2. I loove singing and i love singing high even more but this was totally different experience from what I imagined and it was amazing. I love everthing to do with music and dance, singing, acting etc. but this was something else all together. Thank you so much for the great time! :{

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