OPERA Programme


In Term 4 of 2015, 34 Gladstone senior students took part in an Opera Programme. This programme was presented through NZ Opera and was funded by Opera North and the University of Leeds in the UK.

We focussed the programme on ‘The Magic Flute’ by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. This opera was first performed in Vienna, Austria. We performed an abridged version on Friday 27th November at 12:15 in the school hall. Friends and family came to watch and classes joined in viewing the performance.

Click HERE to watch them!

Click here for the story of ‘The Magic Flute’

Click here for the music of ‘The Magic Flute’

MEDIA CONSENT: PLEASE NOTE THAT THE PHOTOGRAPHER CAME ON FRIDAY 13th NOVEMBER NOT THE 6th NOVEMBER as on the signed form. Please let me know if you have any problem with that. 🙂

We (sort of) made the paper! Well the awesome Gemma did and we got a mention!

Thank you Justine Nielsen for this entertainment…I thought I’d share…



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