General info  – Band programme & Musical instrument lessons at Gladstone Primary(Musiqhub)

The Band programme at Gladstone Primary is co-ordinated by Ben Holmes

You can contact Ben either by phone:

0273 286146 (mob) or 3601985 (home)
Or by email:

if you want more information, to register or discuss availability of spaces in groups

Guitar Lessons:

JP Carroll 0221036686

Band programme:

saxophone, trumpet, flute, clarinet, trombone, snare drum, and drum kit.

The band programme is a fun, social way to develop music skills, knowledge and confidence.  We teach various instruments including saxophone, trumpet, flute, clarinet, trombone, snare drum and kit. Students have lessons in small groups – and also learn and play songs in bands together once they have developed some basic skills. (recommended for year 4+)

Keyboard, Recorder and ukulele

Ukulele, keyboard and recorder group lessons are also available for kids from year 1 upwards who are keen to start playing and learning about music. These programmes are a playful introduction to basic music skills and knowledge and a great way to get things going musically.


Registering for lessons/sorting out an instrument
In terms of getting the process moving for music lessons this year, there’s two basic steps:
1.) Registering
2.) Organising an instrument (hiring or buying if you don’t already have one)


Group lessons
Lessons usually happen in groups of 4 (although we sometimes do larger groups at cheaper rates where appropriate on some instruments).

Lesson times

Lessons take place on Thursdays during school hours and run for 30 min. (We send out timetables to parents/teachers and work with class teachers to make sure children all know where and when to come).  It also may be possible to do some after school sessions if these times are preferred.

For more info or if you want to discuss anything further:

Please contact Ben:  0273 286146 (mob) /


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