KINDO payment Set-up

School payments online

The Wrap it Up system has now closed.  The company has combined with “Kindo” which operates in a similar fashion to Wrap it Up.   However you need to register online following the instructions below.  Our school encourages all families to pay online as it is efficient for you to use as well as ourselves.

Setting up an account

Creating an account is easy!

Click here to see the home page of our Kindo online school shop

Click on the button and fill in your family details.

Enter the Parent information under Account Holder details, and the Child’s name under Members Details.

When you make your first purchase, you will be asked to enter in your child’s class number.

Please enter in the room number only.  E.g. 23


There are three ways you can choose to top-up your account, and this can be done at the checkout, or my selecting the ‘my account’ icon.


Bank Transfer                       No fees. Allow 2 days for processing.

Account 2 account              No fees. Instant transfer. **RECOMMENDED**

Credit/Debit Card                50 cent charge + 2% fee. Instant transfer. Visa and MasterCard available.


Items can be added to your shopping cart, by clicking on your child’s name next to an item.

Either ‘save and keep shopping’, or ‘save and proceed to checkout’.

Then simply click at the checkout and you’re done!


Your order will automatically go through to the school, and you will receive an email receipt confirming your payment or top-up!

If you need any assistance, then please give the Kindo helpdesk a call on:

free-phone 0508 4 KINDO (0508 454 636).