Performer’s Handbook

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Choice of Act

When choosing what to perform, consider what you will be able to perform well which shows the audience your ability AND entertains them. Talent shows are sometimes considered more about entertainment than talent, however, the ability to entertain is a talent in itself!

If you have chosen to sing, be aware that if you are singing along with a singer rather than singing all by yourself to a backing track (or not), you have less chance of getting through to the finals.

Either find a backing track or choose another form of accompaniment.

Check lyrics of songs for suitability – need it be said:




Practise your act to make sure you know it very VERY well. Practise the hard parts. If you are in a dance, make sure you know your part so you don’t need to watch others for what to do.

How much you have practised is very obvious. Performers who have practised a lot and are clearly very comfortable with their act help the audience to relax and enjoy, rather than wondering if you will make it to the end.



Consider how you will look on stage:

How do you want to look?

What will you wear?

If you are in a group, how do your outfits compliment each other?

Consider how you will use the stage:

Where you will stand on the stage?

Where you will look while you perform?

Will you introduce your act?


When on Stage

When coming onto stage as a musician, unless you are beginning on stage as part of the act, look out to the audience, smile and bow.

Singers and instrumentalists: it is good to introduce your song/piece in a nice loud voice. Bow at the end as well to acknowledge the applause.

Remember singing, dancing, performing is about communicating an idea, a story, an emotion to the audience, YOU are the work of art, so BE it. Use your face, body and voice.

Make eye contact with the audience, single one person out or look around all of them.

Make sure you build up energy to use on stage.

Never look nervous (as much as you can help). You can feel so full of nerves that you think you might burst, but don’t let the audience know it.

If you make a mistake, carry on as if it is exactly what you intended.

Don’t look at your friends in the audience and smile or look embarrassed.

Do you believe your song? Commit to the story/message that you are telling.


On the Day

If you are absent on the day, we will try to accommodate you at another time slot, so don’t stress if you are sick in bed….just get a message to us and get better.

If you forget to turn up, we will not be able to accommodate you. So DON”T FORGET!!


Conditions of Entry

Conditions of Entry:

  • Each student is limited to one performance for each talent they wish to exhibit.
  • Performances are to be no longer than 2 minutes. If a performance goes longer, it will be stopped as politely as possible. This WILL NOT be an indication of success or failure, so don’t worry.
  • Any backing soundtrack must be provided to Miss Wells in advance to be added into a computer folder. Best is to email to:
  • It is unlikely that an act which sings along to a recorded singer will be successful, it is advised that a backing track is found instead.
  • Lyrics of songs must be suitable for all audiences, please check carefully.
  • Performers will be judged on the skill involved, skill displayed, audience response, stage appearance, originality, personality and overall effect.



It is important that you have fun!

The process should involve hard work, and may involve frustrations, but at the end of the day we are all going to love watching you perform!