Interested in Presenting?

Auditions for the 2 presenters at the Gladstone’s Got Talent final take place during the auditions for the competitors.

Those wanting to try out for one of these 2 prestigious roles, sign up for a slot presenting at the auditions.

You must be in Year 6. See Miss Wells to book in a slot.


  • How to introduce yourself.
  • How to comment on a performance.
  • Some light jokes appropriate to the situation (dance/singing/performing).
  • Ensure that all comments/jokes etc are positive and uplifting to the performers and audience.
  • How to gain the audience‚Äôs attention.
  • How to gently and lightly remind an audience to listen quietly.
  • To speak clearly, enunciating carefully.
  • Standing tall and proud.
  • Standing without jiggling or slouching.
  • Eye contact with the audience, talk TO them, talk TO your co-MC.
  • How to gently usher off an act which has gone on too long.

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