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2017 Winners

Grand Trophy Winner: Enhao Yu – Room 15

Senior Superstars: Ofa Tu’uefiafi – Room 48, and Sophia Bourne – Room 15

Middle School Superstars: Ricoh Wilson Room 33, and Rudi Bartlett – Room 39

Junior School Superstars: Lucy Hassan – Room 30, and Alexis Goatley – Room 55

Ricoh Wilson went to see Matilda in the school holidays.

Lucy Hassan and Ricoh Wilson after a wonderful performance.

2017 Finalists

Junior School Contestants:

Violet Jones, Room 32    singer dancer

Emily Ducker, Room 27  Irish dancer

Lucy Hassan, Room 30   singer

Alexis Goatley, Room 55 tap dancer

Middle School Contestants:

Ricoh Wilson, Room 33  singer

Ciarra Beck, Room 33     ballet dancer

Rudy Bartlett, Room 39   singer

Senior School Contestants:

Kyra-Leigh Masina, Room 9   dancer

Sophia Bourne, Room 15         ventriloquist

Trelise Black, Room 44           singer

Mia Kara & Bisi Ogundipe      dancers

Enhao Yu, Room 15                        pianist

Phoebe Turner, Room 49         singer

Ofa Tu’uefiafi, Room 48         cornet player

Anouk Blackburn Room 46     singer

Tharun Nathan, Room 47                dancer


 2016 – let the talent shine!


Grand Trophy Winner: Cruz Katsanos – Room 36

Senior Winner: Joel Paterson, Ollie Paterson & Harry Bannister Room 44

Senior Runner-up: Abby Healey, Keilani  Ruwhiu & Nicole Nagaratnam

Middle School Winner: Leila Brain Room 23

Middle School Runner-up: Enhao Yu Room 23

Junior School Winner: Bijou Akel & Saffron Spiller Room 27

Junior School Runner-up: Sophie Le-Grice Room 33

2016 Finalists Class
Sophie Le-Grice 33
Cruz Katsanos 36
Bijou Akel & Saffron Spiller 27
Aria Townshend 32
Gideon Vaopunimatagi 19
Bisi Ogundipe & Mia Kara 25
Leila Brain 23
Enhao Yu 23
Jordan Wrightson 20
Amelie Kelly 10
Tama & Kingi Cousins 15
Cecilia Zhou 14
Faraz Imran, Sylvia Douglas & Serge Treadgold 9
Abby Healey, Keilani  Ruwhiu & Nicole Nagaratnam 44
Luke Reid 43
Joel Paterson, Ollie Paterson & Harry Bannister 10



Junior Winner: Cruz Katsanos

Junior Runners up: The Queen Bees – Ella Bray, Charlie Cornes, Chloe Loo, Fleur Nielsen, Tully Cook, Nya Leqeta, and Esther Stevens

Middle Winners: Sujayani Sinha

Middle Runner Up: Cecilia Zhou

Senior Winner: Sofia Roger Williams

Senior Runner Up: Hellen Ding




Please enter with purpose and ensuring all members are committed to preparing and presenting your act. If you are unable to do so please let Miss Wells know as soon as possible. It takes a lot of time to enter all of your entries into the system and devise the line-ups. If you simply don’t show up it is very disappointing.


The 2014 Winners:

Junior Winner: Lila Clarke

Junior Runners up: Amelie , Mia, and Bisi Ogundipe

Senior Winners: Ollie Blyth and Tom Moffatt

Senior Runners Up: Sofia Roger Williams and Daisy Purdon

The Finalists for 2014:


Amelie Kelly Room 37 – singing

Mia Kara and Bisi Ogundipe Room 35 – dancing

Lila Clark Room 39 – singing


Linda Jiao  Room 46 – on piano

Sofia Roger Williams Room 10 – on guitar and singing 

Jenna Parkin Room 47 – on trumpet 

Mekal Covic  Room 49 – on guitar

Ethan Hicks  Room 47 – on guitar and singing

Tahlia Petersen Room 15 – dancing 

Ollie Blyth Room 48 and Tom Moffatt Room 47 – in a dramatic sketch with own backing track

Daisy Pardon  Room 46 – dancing

Sunny Shearer, Matisse Laskey, Asha Leqeta, Billie Diprose, Room 49, and Alex Barker Room 10 – dancing