Gladstone Orchestra

The Gladstone Orchestra is open to students who are studying an orchestral instrument: violin, cello, flute, clarinet, oboe, trumpet, euphonium, etc.

Rehearsals run during a Wednesday lunchtime. Musicians can bring their instruments to the music room in the morning and leave them in Miss Wells’s office if they wish. Come to the Music Room at the beginning of lunch eating. Prepare your chair and music stand, have a bite to eat, and then get your instrument out and warmed up.

Music will be issued and can be re-written to suite the musicians ability and instrument’s capabilities. Please feel free to ask for this if the music is too hard, too easy or not appropriately written for your instrument. As you develop your skills, you can ask for music to be re-written for these new capabilities.

Commitment is important. Make sure that you remember to come to rehearsal each week and to practise in between rehearsals. If you are unwell, you are welcome to email Miss Wells: Otherwise we will probably hear from class mates or the office.

UNIFORM: all black, as neat and formal as you can. Sequins and sparkle a very acceptable 😉

Current Musicians

Violin: Amy Burnett, Yvette Luo, Rosa Kerridge, Ellie Kerridge, Olivia Hilton

Cello: Zoe Burnett, Eva Rush

Flute: Laura Du

Clarinet: Miss Bramwell (Year 6 teacher)

Trumpet(cornet): Dominic Peterson