Gladstone Music Awards

Each year at Prize Giving, an Award for Music is presented to the most outstanding Gladstone musician. This is always a difficult choice as there are many gifted musicians at Gladstone. Many who put in a lot of work to develop their technical and musical skills. Many who participate in a range of ensembles and musical experiences. Those who represent Gladstone musically and those who compose and have their music produced.

The following are the winners of each year’s Music Award:

Zoe Burnett with Miss Wells

2017: Zoe Burnett

The recipient of this years Music Award is an accomplished and generous musician. She has participated in both the Glad Tones choir, and the School Orchestra on the cello. She is also a skilled ukulele player, not only providing solid accompaniment to the Glad Tones at this year’s Kids Sing competition but also representing Gladstone admirably in the New Zealand Junior Ukulele Squad, even performing a solo with them. A committed musician, she is also quick to help others, sitting alongside the other, younger cellist in the orchestra and mentoring her along. A delight to teach with her bright attitude and love of learning, please give a resounding round of applause for this year’s winner, Zoe Burnett.

2016: Leo Taylor

This award goes to a very fine musician. He has shared his varied musical talents in choirs, the school orchestra and band. He has performed on a variety of stages and each and every time has shown his gift for music making. This musician has a passion for music, a fine voice and an excellent command of instrumental skill and musical interpretation. His sense of rhythm and panache make listening to him a joy. This year. The Award for Excellence in Music in 2016 goes to Leo Taylor.

2015: the inaugural award – Mekal Covic