The Four Seasons – Vivaldi

In 2015, our main study is of ‘The Four Seasons’ by Antonio Vivaldi. In term 1 we have started with the second concerto, Summer. In term 2 we will study Autumn; term 3, Winter; and in term 4, Spring. They will be studied out of order to better fit with New Zealand’s seasons as they occur during our school year.

Term 1: Summer

This term we have read a translation of Vivaldi’s poem for Summer and listened to the Concerto played by Nigel Kennedy.

We have allowed the music, the word of the poem, and our own experiences to inspire us in drawing pictures.

Movement 1 – A hot summer’s day drives a shepherd to find shade under a tree where he hear’s the songs of birds. Suddenly he hears the sounds of a storm approaching which make him scared.

Movement 2 – The shepherd has been so worked up by his fear of the storm that he is now very tired and laments the gathering storm (which the orchestra keep reminding him is coming!).

Movement 3 – The storm strikes. Thunder and lightening fill the sky and there is widespread damage.

Here is the whole concerto performed by a group of funnily dressed musicians in Venice, the city where Vivaldi was bor and where he lived and wrote the Four Seasons.

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