OPERA Programme for Year 5 and 6


I am very excited to tell you about a unique opportunity for Gladstone students, in Years 5 and 6.

This year I have joined the New Zealand Opera Chorus (which has been great fun!) and through this have been asked if Gladstone would be interested in participating in a series of workshops, a trip to the Opera Technical Centre, and a performance centered around ‘The Magic Flute’, by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, which introduces the students to opera its: music; preparation; and presentation. The students will work with a real live opera singer and explore the opera world, all the while preparing their own performance of selections from the Magic Flute, translated into English.

There are only 40 PLACES!!! First in first served. 



Workshop #1:         Friday 23rd October

Workshop #2:         Friday 30th October

Workshop #3:         Friday 6th November

Workshop #4:         Friday 13th November (with Director of NZ Opera, Stuart Maunder)

Trip to OTC: Friday 20th November  12:30 – 2:30

Performance at school:   Friday 27th November (friends and family invited)

There is no cost to this experience which will all happen during school hours, although we would love to be able to avoid the cost (to NZ Opera) of a bus on our trip to Onehunga on the 20th November. So, if you are able and interested in providing parental accompaniment and transport we would very much appreciate it.

Please let me know ASAP that you are interested in participating in this experience. Please return the form below by THURSDAY! I know it’s quick, but we need to get the ball rolling.

Opera Programme Application Form



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  1. Thank you, Miss Wells, for organizing the “OPERA workshops”, and many amazing music related experiences.

    Hilarie started to explore opera world after 1st workshop on Youtube, her 8y old brother, Fearghal, listened with her. She also practices the tunes in workshop booklet on piano ( she hasn’t touched it for a while) and singing at the same time.

    It is very positive influence on her and my whole family. We can hear her singing and playing piano lots now.

    I appreciate the efforts and time you placed on these activities, and enjoying sharing your passion on music.


    Eleanor Zou

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