Year 4 Marae Camp 2017 (this only affects current Year 3 Students)

We are writing to let you know that we have had to make an alternative plan for our Year 4 Marae Camp 2017.  Unfortunately the Marae which we have used for the past 10 years has just let us know that we are unable to stay there. 

We are very lucky to have a great alternative plan for 2017:

Waitakere Ranges – Overnight Stay.  Each class will visit the Waitakere Ranges for 2 days and one night.  Their stay will be linked to our 2017 school-wide construct “Turangawaewae”.  Children will work with Arataki Educators looking at the NZ flora and fauna.  In the evening they will go for a night walk with an Educator.  Children and adults stay in a lecture room and education room overnight.  We are still able to self-cater.  Children will provide their lunch on the first day and we will cater for their evening meal, breakfast, morning tea and lunch.  On their second day children will participate in a challenge course involving outdoor skills – we will be pitching tents, cooking sausages, making stretchers and team building – staying safe in the Kiwi outdoors! 

Marae Day Camp.  In term 1 the Year 4 team will also have a “Marae Day Camp” at an Auckland Marae.  They will be welcomed with a Powhiri and will then participate in cultural activities like poi making, stick games, art and music activities. 

We sincerely apologize for having to make these changes at such a late stage.  The circumstances are out of our control.  On December 9th when your child visits their new 2017 class they will find out their Waitakere Ranges overnight stay date, along with the “Marae Day Camp” date.  Parents are welcome to join us for both events.  Your medical forms are still valid for the Waitakere Ranges overnight stay.  No further camp payments will be required.  We thank you for understanding the need for this change and we will keep you fully informed on the programmes, dates and information you will need. 

We will postpone our camp meeting for several weeks until we have the final programme set up with the Waitakere Ranges.  Our camp meeting will now be on Wednesday 7th December at 6 pm in the staffroom. 

If you have any further questions at this stage please do not hesitate to contact Claire Alger. 

Warmest regards

Claire Alger and the Year 4 team.

Middle School Athletics Day

Hello Parents & Caregivers,

Athletics day is happening at Unitec tomorrow (8th November). We will be departing school at 8.45 so please ensure your child/children are on time and have the following.

  • Clothes to be active in/ house colours
  • Shoes to walk across the road in
  • A large water bottle or two small bottles full of water
  • A waterproof jacket
  • Lunch and morning tea (please cut sandwiches and fruit as there is no set lunch break)

If you are interested in coming to watch you are more than welcome, please see the schedule for events below.

Age as at 24 November 2016 (if they turn 8 on that day they will be 8 years old at our school event)

9.10-9.40 9.40-10.10 10.10-10.40 10.40-11.10 11.10-11.40 11.40-11.12.10 12.10-12.40 12.40-1.20 1.20-1.50
Discus 7 Years 8 Boys 8 Girls 9 Boys 9 Girls 10 boys 10 Girls 11 Boys 11 Girls
Shot put 8 Boys 8 Girls 9 Boys 9 Girls 10 boys 10 Girls 11 Boys 11 Girls 7 Years
Long Jump 8 Girls 9 Boys 9 Girls 10 boys 10 Girls 11 Boys 11 Girls 7 Years 8 Boys
Softball 9 Boys 9 Girls 10 boys 10 Girls 11 Boys 11 Girls 7 Years 8 Boys 8 Girls
Rest 9 Girls 10 boys 10 Girls 11 Boys 11 Girls 7 Years 8 Boys 8 Girls 9 Boys
400 Metres 10 boys 10 Girls 11 Boys 11 Girls 7 Years 8 Boys 8 Girls 9 Boys 9 Girls
High Jump 10 Girls 11 Boys 11 Girls 7 Years 8 Boys 8 Girls 9 Boys 9 Girls 10 boys
100 Metres 11 Boys 11 Girls 7 Years 8 Boys 8 Girls 9 Boys 9 Girls 10 boys 10 Girls
Fun Races 11 Girls 7 Years 8 Boys 8 Girls 9 Boys 9 Girls 10 boys 10 Girls 11 Boys


Chromebook Flyer for Year 4 Students

Hey Parents/ Caregivers,

We have finally got a confirmed price offer from Noel Leemings, this includes the Acer 4GB Quad Core C70E chromebook with a 3 year supplier warranty (details of this is supplied in store) and carry bag.  This is a very competitive offer, if you are moving onto intermediate and would like to purchase under this offer you are more than welcome.  Just print out the flyer and take it into any Noel Leeming store if you are interested in your Bring Your Own Chromebook (BYOC).gladstone-primary-21-october-25-november-page-0

Spellbound Programme

Before the holidays a small group of Middle School students had the opportunity to visit the filming of the finals of Spellbound.  This is a spelling bee programme with high school students.
This programme has now started on a Sunday evening on TV One.  It started last week and one of the contestants was an ex-Gladstone student!  The programme runs for several weeks.
If your child was on this trip they might like to see how the filming progressed into TV!

Middle School Events in Term 4

Dear Parents/Caregivers

We have two exciting Middle School events at the beginning of Term 4.

These are a trip to MOTAT and participating in a “Simple Mechanisms” education programme.

The other event is that Kevin Alexander from Auckland Robotics will be working in each class using Knex – this is also going to be about simple machines.

These two events are to support our science work – Awesome Forces.

We have combined the costs related to these events and it is $12.00. You will receive a notice about our trip early this week. We will require 4 parents from each class to accompany us to MOTAT. We are unable to take any preschoolers or siblings on this trip. We will be travelling by bus to and from MOTAT.

The Middle School Teachers

Science Fair – Term 3/4 2016

Science Fair – Term 3/4 2016

Below is some information about the Science Fair. If your child would like to participate then they need to ask for & fill out an entry form from their classroom teacher. 


Term 3 is the science term at Gladstone Primary.  It is a very exciting term because it will culminate with the Science Fair in Week 2 of Term 4.  The Science Fair projects will be due at school on Monday 17th October and will be on display for the first half of that week.  This information is about the science project that we are encouraging all students from Year 0-6 to participate in.  Example projects from previous years are set up in the library for children to view.


Like all worthwhile learning, a science fair project is a great challenge.  It will require lots of time and thought.  There are few better ways to understand what science is really about, than by preparing a scientific investigation.  A well organised scientist should plan a weekly schedule as a countdown to the Science Fair.  You need to think about:


  • Choosing a topic – there are many ideas in books and on the internet.
  • When to start experimenting?
  • How long will my experiments take?
  • What equipment will I need?
  • How long will it take to show my learning?
  • Beginning a diary or log of your science project.



  • Students carry out these projects at home to present at the Science Fair.
  • All projects are due in the hall on Monday 17th October before 8:35am.
  • The judging will take place during the day on Monday October 17th
  • The hall will be open for parents and families to view the projects during the day on Monday from 5-7pm and Tuesday from 9-5pm.
  • Students can choose their own project but will have to present them all the same way (see directions below). Teachers will clarify this in class.
  • Students can choose to work individually or in pairs. They will be judged in the eldest participant’s category (e.g. a Year 4 and Year 6 child working together would be judged in the Year 6 category).
  • A first, second and third prize will be given for each category of Independent and Assisted.   Students will be judged in their year groups.  In the independent category the student works alone (or in a pair), unassisted by older siblings or adults.  In the assisted category the student works with the assistance from an adult. Year 0 – 3 will be assisted only.



ALL projects will need-


A title and the names, ages and year group of the students presenting the work and:

  • A rich question

e.g. How do cockroaches continue to survive at school?

  • A hypothesis

e.g. That cockroaches do not breed inside the classrooms but under them.

  • An investigation/ method                    

e.g. Photos of under the classes, samples of dead cockroaches etc

  • A conclusion/ summary                               

e.g. We found that…..

  • A recommendation if appropriate    

e.g. We suggest that…….


Marks out of 10 will be given for each of the above (Total of 50).  The presentation of your project is also worth 10 possible marks.  Children are encouraged to use their initiative and imagination to create boards with materials from home.  If required students can purchase a display board.  These are available at Warehouse Stationery.



Possible Science Fair Topics



Does the amount of water affect growth?

Can we achieve faster growth with different variables?

The effect of colour of light on the growth of sunflowers.


Pest repellents: do they really work?

Do bees communicate?

Bird feed consumption at different coloured bird feeders.

What bird food do birds like best?

Electricity, electronics and communication:

Alarm systems.

Electric motors.


Water quality.

The air around us.


Consumer science – food:

Physical changes in food preparation.

Supermarket chemistry.

Does adding salt to water change the temperature at which it boils?

The amount of fat in fast foods.

Geography and earth science:

Weather stations.

Erosion processes.

Acid rain and how it affects plant growth?


Roller coasters.

Mighty mouse trap.

The effect of paper airplane design on flight distance and flight time.


Electric door opener.

Sorting machine.

Packaging eggs and shock resistance.


That is just a few ideas.  You can also get lots of ideas from science books from home or the library.  If you search “science fair ideas for children” there are lots of websites with good ideas.  One particularly good web site is


If you have any questions please contact

James Cossey

Reminder of Opening Evening for the Gladstone LADD’s Group

This initiative is for all families and is a great way to get ideas to spend time with your own children. Our opening is Tuesday 23rd August in the staffroom. It will start from 6 pm with informal drinks and nibbles prior to a 6.30 start with a presentation about the group and its purpose. It will be a relaxed evening with a presentation from Eroni Clarke, former All Black and Steve Sabota from the Big Buddy organisation. This is a great chance to get involved with a really fantastic initiative so it would great to see you there.  Below are some more details.  

The Fathering Project’s Schools’ Programme aims to positively promote the important role of fathers, and father figures, to the entire school community through the formation of a “LADD’s” Dads’ group, or Fathering Project School Group (FPSG).

The FPSG’s key role is to provide leadership and direction to the group of “LADD’s” Dads, school fathers, father figures and support people, including Mums.

A Fathering Project School Group is a group of dads from a school that is created to be an enjoyable and social group that builds interaction, knowledge and skills of fathers, and father figures, but most importantly is an opportunity for dads to get together in a relaxed, informal environment.

This core group of dads, “Champion” Dads or father figures, will run activities in the school community. They are not “Champion” Dads because they are perfect dads but because they are committed to championing the need for being better dads for the sake of their kids, their partners and the community.

The activities undertaken by the Fathering Project School Group include;

  • Father and father activities (including father figures – like uncles, grandfathers, coaches, teachers, etc.)
  • Father and child activities
  • Father and The Fathering Project activities
  • Father and School activities
This group will highlight the importance of a father/ father figure role in a family for both boys and girls.
Look forward to having a drink and nibbles with as many of you as possible.
Bevan Verryt

NSW Maths- Year 4, 5, 6

NSW test – Maths

The Maths NSW test is on Tuesday morning (August 16th) at 9.20 am.
If your child is enrolled to sit this test please ensure that they are at school on time.
  • If your child is in Year 6, then their test will be in Room 49.
  • If your child is in Year 5, then their test will be in Room 10 or Room 15.
  • If your child is in Year 4, then their test will be in Room 20 or Room 23.
If your child is in Year 4 or 5 their teacher will let them know which classroom they need to go to.
This is the last NSW test for 2016 – so it’s time for all the practice tests to be returned to school.  Please return these before Friday to Claire Alger in Room 31.
If you have any questions please contact Claire Alger.

Past Science Fair Projects

The Science Team need your help.

We are looking for Science Fair projects that we can set up in the library during Term 3 as examples for the upcoming Science Fair in Term 4. If you happen to have any existing ones at home from past Science Fairs could you bring them up to Room 49. We promise to look after them.

Thanks for your contributions.

NSW test – Writing and Spelling Year 4, 5, 6

NSW test – Writing and Spelling Year 4, 5, 6

The Writing NSW test is on Monday morning (June 13) at 9.20 am.


If your child is enrolled to sit this test please ensure that they are at school on time.

  • If your child is in Year 6 or Year 4 then their test will be in Room 49.
  • If your child is in Year 5 then their test will be in Room 10.
The Spelling NSW test is on Wednesday morning (June 15) at 11.45 am.
  • If your child is in Year 6 then their test will be in Room 49.
  • If your child is in Year 5 then their test will be in Room 10 or Room 45 – this is because of the high number is students in Year 5 sitting this test.  We will let them know which room to come to.
  • If your child is in Year 4 then their test will be in Room 20.
Lots of students have come and collected practice tests to use at home – if you have finished with your practice tests please send them back to school so that others can use this.
If you have any questions please contact Claire Alger.