Term 3 Options

During term three options will continue for all children in years 3-6 on a Wednesday afternoon. Each term children choose a new option. Term 3’s option starts in week 2 (2 August) and runs until week 9 (20 September). There are many exciting options on offer for the children to choose independently in class early next term. Some past options on offer were Kick boxing, library club, football academy and Masterchef. We also offer a few paid options for parents to discuss with their children prior to registering an interest in the below forms. If you would like to register your child please read the blurb and click on the link, you can register on both forms if your child likes both but they will only attend one of the paid options.


Do you want to learn to ski or board? Progress from a beginner  to shredding up the snow and landing jumps. Then this is the option for you. Click this link to register. https://goo.gl/forms/hE2ixMFxbCVqTAzI2 Cost: $208 for term, this will cover instruction with Snow Planet staff for the full 8 weeks, ski or board hire, boots and helmet hire. We have limited spaces and sign up closes Sunday 2 July at 9.00pm.

 Rocketry – Sir Isaac Newton’s – Powered Machines

Want to build your own powered rocket car? You can now with RoboClub’s super Air Powered system. It’s safe and can be used to push rocket cars up to 100km/hr. This is the finale of a learning programme that will see you build and explore Isaac Newton’s laws of motion in a very hands-on learning environment.
NZ rocketry safety procedures will be taught. https://goo.gl/forms/R2MQjou8wo8UmSs22
Cost $80.00 Sign up closes Sunday 2 July at 9.00pm.


  1. Maria

    How do you submit your preference with the paid options, as we have registered for both but do have a preference for one over the other?

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