School email

Dear Parents/ Caregivers,

Last night one of our student’s email accounts was hacked by another student and numerous emails were sent to children in year 3-6. If your child was one of the students that received these emails, of which some were inappropriate, we sincerely apologise. All emails in question have been deleted.The student responsible was able to be identified through our monitoring system. We have dealt with it at school. This is a timely reminder for us all to reinforce the importance of cyber safety. We would appreciate you talking about this with your child. If you have any questions feel free to contact Dave Shadbolt or Bevan Verryt.


  1. Dave

    All the emails deleted are sitting in the deleted folder in the kids email account & still readily accessible by the students, so would query your above statement

    • mrverryt

      Sorry Dave, your child’s class had a reliever today so only deleted the emails and didn’t clear their trash. This has been rectified now.

  2. Clare

    Hi I have also just read the emails that are showing in my daughters account. It looks like they are still there.

    • mrverryt

      Hey Clare, sorry the step of emptying trash email was missed by some classes for numerous reason. We are currently working through each email account individually as we are unable to bulk action a delete.

  3. Sarah

    These emails were also still in our sons email account and not deleted or in the trash. Great to know if there is an opportunity to bring netsafe in to talk to the kids and/or parents. I feel for parents who don’t have the technology or capability to monitor what the kids are up to.

  4. Maria

    Question how does one check their child’s school email account to make sure they aren’t there? I don’t even know his school email address.

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