Picnic on Wednesday

On Wednesday (December 14th) is the Middle School Picnic Day.  We are off to One Tree Hill for a fun-filled day.  If you are a parent helper please be at school by 9.15 am.  The buses leave at 9.30 am.  If you are a parent helper taking your own car please meet us at 10 am in the park area by Stardome Observatory.  We will be returning before 3 pm.  

Can all children please bring along a big lunch, drink, hat and a jacket.  Please can they be wearing sunscreen and wearing good walking shoes.  If children wish to they are welcome to bring along to a kite to fly!  

We have our fingers crossed for a perfect day of weather.  In the event of a rainy day we will be having the “Big Day In” at Gladstone.  We will blog you in the morning if that is the case.  

The Middle School Teachers

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