New Books!

About A week ago we got a new shipment of NEW books!

Here are some of the NEW book titles.

~Airman (By Eoin Colfer)

~The Little House On The Prairie (By Laura Ingalls Wilder)

~ Little Town On The Prairie  (By Laura Ingalls Wilder)

~The Lie Tree (By Francs Hardinge)

~The Letter Box Cat (By Paula Green)


Come to the library today to request more NEW books.

There is a wishlist in front of Mrs Wardrop’s office.

Posted by Rena- Librarian Year 6

Library preview


                                                                                                                                                   Lets look around down stairs                                                                                                                 DSC03506  DSC03474   DSC03507 DSC03476 DSC03477 DSC03478 DSC03479 DSC03480 DSC03481 DSC03483 DSC03482 DSC03501

Lets look around up stairs

DSC03485 DSC03489 DSC03492 DSC03491 DSC03490 DSC03494 DSC03496 DSC03493 DSC03497 DSC03498 DSC03499 DSC03505 DSC03503

Librarians 2014

We had seventy applications for librarian jobs this year. Intially I have choosen 21 But I will need another 10 when we move back into the new library.

The following  children have been choosen thus far:

Head Librarian: Danielle S Room 45


Ashley 48        Flynn 49      Jessica 49    Carol 48    Linda 46      Cara 46    Ophelia 47    Tess 48    Marisa 47    Omama 45    Poe’ava 45    Camille 48    Humeera 48   Bryn 49    Dougal 48    Serenity 45    Ben 45     Jack 48  Amelie 46    Emma 47

These librarians are doing a great job.


As many of you will have noticed the library is undergoing some fairly major repair work. We have split the resources over two rooms and we have the smallest of spaces for the library.

I have set up a small reading area in Room 9 for those who want to read at lunchtime or return books before school.

Eighty percent of the library is packed up but I have a very generous budget to work with this year. So…… I will be going around to the classes during their library times with the new books and some of the old books. The children will be able to issue one book at a time but as I said earlier they can change books before school and at lunchtime.

This would be a good time to utilise the public libraries. If time is tight you can order books online and pick them up at the library of your choice when they arrive. The Auckland Library collection is huge and is held at more than 50 libraries all of which you can use.