Week 9 Reminders

  1. The Senior School Picnic is on Monday at Parnell Baths, children are reminded to be sun smart by applying sun block prior to arriving at school.
  2. On Tuesday the Junior School will go to the Auckland Zoo for their picnic, please ensure children are dressed appropriately for the weather and walking around the zoo.
  3. Happy Rock Cafe is closed for the rest of the year, this means there are no lunch orders this week.
  4. On Wednesday we will be having a Market Day. Most classes will be setting up stalls to sell simple items. Children who would like to purchase anything from a stall will need canned food, gold coins or non-perishable food items to swap. All food and money raised from the day will be donated to the City Mission for those less fortunate. If you would like to donate any extra items or gifts to the City Mission just send them to the office where there will be a collection box. This event is organised by the student council.
  5. Also on Wednesday afternoon the Middle School will have their Poetry Recital in the hall at 2.00pm.
  6. Year 6 Graduation is on Thursday, parents of Year 6 children are reminded to pick their child up at 6.00pm from the canopy by the pool.
  7. Gladstone’s Walking School Bus End of Year Pool Party is on Thursday 3-4pm, the pool will be closed to other swimmers at this time. To allow our volunteers to attend, the WSBs won’t run on Thursday afternoon, unless otherwise specified by your WSB Coordinator.
  8. School finishes for the year on Friday at 1.00pm, we will restart on Wednesday 7 February at 8.45am.

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