Week 2 Reminders

  1. NSW English test will take place on Tuesday.
  2. Interschool Rugby will be at Memorial Park, May Road on Tuesday. The draw will be on the sports blog on Monday.
  3. There will be a sausage sizzle on Tuesday, all profit will go to the Science and Technology curriculum area. Please buy your sausage in the hall before school. We would like to thank John Covich of Anne Duncan Realty for his continued support in sponsoring this.
  4. Options start for year 3-6 students on Wednesday afternoon.
  5.  A special request from Rooms 6 & 7. Before we purchase new items …Do you have any of the following toys that your children have grown out of that they may be happy to part with?
    – dinosaurs, farm or zoo animals
    – train tracks and trains
    – duplo (not lego)
    If so, we would be very grateful to expand our current class sets.
    Reduce, reuse, recycle ♻️
    Gladstone’s Got Talent 2017 is coming up, so get planning, get practising, warm up those muscles/vocal chords/musician’s fingers and sign up!
    For the first step on your path to glory, CLICK HERE!
  7. Just a little public service announcement for cyber safety. We have been made aware many children play a game at home called Roblox, it is similar to Minecraft. Please be aware that this game is recommended for children over 12 as it does have pop ups in the game not recommended for younger audiences.

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