Week 10 Reminders

  1. Sausage sizzle on Tuesday, please purchase your sausage in the hall before school. Profits from this sausage sizzle will go to the PE & Health curriculum.
  2. Wednesday is the last session for this terms Year 3-6 options. The two paid options are open on the Middle and Senior School blogs until 9.00am Monday morning.
  3. Hands on creatures will be in on Thursday and Friday for all the classes who have not attended yet.
  4. Friday is the last day of the term, we will finish school as normal at 3.oopm. Children will be on holiday until Monday 24 July.
  5. ACTIVITY PAYMENTS ON LINE: ¬†Wrap it Up is changing. They are joining with ‘KINDO’ at the end of term 2 which means things will change slightly for our families. Our online ‘shop’ will look a little different, but still offer you the convenience of paying your child’s school activities online at anytime, 24/7. More information will be coming out shortly as to how you register.
  6. Pick off and drop off zones are working fantastically and there has been positive feed back relating to this. Please remember to discuss with your child the bay you will collect them from to keep traffic flowing safely at the gates.

One thought on “Week 10 Reminders

  1. If Gladstone has the opportunity to change the categories in Wrap It Up when it transitions into Kindo, I would like to see OSCAR in its own category not called “Merchandise” as it is now. I am constantly using this to pay OSCAR fees and it would really help to have these items in a separate area with a correct name. Thanks for providing this system as it has been a huge improvement over doing it “by hand”!

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