Book Amnesty

Every year at Gladstone many of our school reading books go missing. This means that money which could be spent on exciting lovely new readers is spent replacing old ones. From the 16th to the 22nd of September classroom teachers will not be sending books home as we count and check all our reading resources. To help every household needs to check there homes for readers to return back to school.
To encourage the return of books the children will get a house point for every returned book and their will be a house competition. Books can be returned to your classroom teacher or the letter boxes in the library from the 16th of September.
It does not matter how many school books you find, we are very grateful to get them back.
During this time when books are not being sent home we encourage you do to the following activities instead.
Read or read aloud to your child a book from home.
Visit the school or public library to borrow a book.
Listen to an audio story from the public library or a website likeĀ
Read the newspaper or children’s news site likeĀ
Although the amnesty is a couple of weeks away please start looking for those school books.
Your support is very much appreciated.

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