Zone Proposal Follow Up

Dear Gladstone Community

We communicated in our blog on the 27th August that the Ministry of Education had proposed the introduction of a zone at Owairaka District School and that proposed zone had an area that overlapped with the Gladstone Primary Zone (ie residents in that area would have the choice of which school for their children to attend). In response to this blog the Board was asked if this meant that Gladstone would be directed by the Ministry of Education to reduce our boundaries and our zone would become smaller. At this point there is no definitive answer to this but the following should update you as to the present situation.

On Wednesday 2nd September the Board of Trustees met with representatives of the Ministry of Education to discuss roll growth in the local area and at our school.

This meeting was initiated by the MOE over a concern they have that our roll will become too big for the classrooms at Gladstone. They are currently talking with Owairaka District School and have said they will also be entering into discussions with Mt Albert Primary about predicted roll growth in the area.

The meeting concluded with the Ministry of Education agreeing that they would commission an area review and look at the issues around property and that they intend on getting back to us before the end of the term. At this point we will further update you on the situation.


Kind Regards

Gerry Whitley


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