Zone Proposal

Dear Gladstone Community,

The board of Trustees in has received a letter from the Board of Trustees of Owairaka District School regarding the proposed zone boundary the Ministry of Education has sent them to manage the predicted roll growth in the area.

This zone as drawn by the ministry has an area that over laps the Gladstone School zone. This would mean that those streets would be in both school zones. Specifically these are Allendale Rd, New North Rd (from Woodward to Mt Albert Rd), Mt Albert Rd, Stillwell Rd, Summit Drive, Toroa Ave, Ferner Ave, Sadgrove Terrace, Kerr-Taylor Ave, McLean St and Richardson Rd.

The proposed zone can be found on the Owairaka School website

Submissions can also be made on this site but it is a very tight timeline as these close tomorrow, 28th August.

We have also been asked to meet with the Ministry of Education to discuss the roll growth in our area and our school. This meeting will take place next week. We will keep you informed of any developments that arise from this.

Kind Regards

Gerry Whitley

One thought on “Zone Proposal

  1. Hi Gerry
    does this mean the Gladstone will have to reduce their boundaries? our school zone will be smaller than what it is?

    thank you.

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