Social and Friendship skills

Does your child need direction/help with social/friendship skills. I (Sacha Crutzen) want to run another group after school. They are tailored to the group’s needs.

I have a little waiting list. I want similar age group and hoping for more children 7,8,9, 10 year old.

With previous groups I have been working on:

Feelings, emotions, positive self-esteem, making friendships and keeping them, problem solving etc…

During the parent evenings we touch on self- confidence, anxiety, over-thinking, friendships skills and how to help your child to develop this, empathy, etc… The parent evening help understand what I teach the children and is a safe group to talk and express where we need help as parents.

Social skills group
9 sessions
Cost: $185
Maximum: 6, minimum: 4 participants
Start in term asap after school from 3.15 till 4.15pm Monday/ Tuesday afternoon
Where: at Gladstone school

Children will participate in role plays and gain small rewards for their achievements. Parents are required to practise the skills with their child at home.

For any queries or to register email me on , call on 09 – 815 7155 or 027 – 358 4482 or have a look at my website:



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