Week 9 Reminders

  1. Matariki evening will start at 6.00pm in the school hall, all families are welcome to attend. Please remember to to bring a plate to share if you are attending.
  2. Room 43 will be going to Corban Estate on Thursday.
  3. Hands on creature will be in on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for this weeks lucky classes.
  4. KIWI KAPERS 2017:
    The Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra (APO) are preparing yet another fantastic schools concert on Wednesday 22nd November. This is an optional trip open to all Year 1-6 students.
    To find out more and sign your child(ren) up, click HERE.
  5. Thank you to all those using the pick up/drop off zones to pick your children up. We have noticed both Monaghan Ave and Seaview Terrace are safer and quieter in the afternoons. Remember to arrange the bay number you are going to pick your child up from.

Week 8 Reminders

  1. Room 48 & 49 are off to Corban Estate on Monday.
  2. The Year 1 classes will be going to the zoo on Tuesday
  3. Hands on Creature will be on Thursday and Friday for this week’s lucky classes.
  4. Year 0 & 1 cross country will take place at school on Friday.

Approximate start times:

10.00- 6 year old girls
10.12- 6 year old boys
10.24- 5.5 year old girls
10.36- 5.5 year old boys
10.50- 5 year old girls
11.05- 5 year old boys

5. Inter-school cross country will take place at Fowlds Park on Tuesday for the children representing Gladstone. Approximate start times:

Race 1 – 10:00am – 8 year old boys
Race 2 – 10:15am – 8 year old girls
Race 2 – 10:30am – 9 year old boys
Race 3 – 10:45am – 9 year old girls
Race 4 – 11:00am – 10 and 11 year old boys
Race 5 – 11:15pm – 10 and 11 year old girls


Every month the Gladstone Community (PTA) organises a sausage sizzle at school which, is not only a novel lunch option for the kids but also raises more than $10,000 for various departments within the school.

These sizzles are only possible with the support of our amazing school parents. For each monthly sizzle (which are held on Tuesday’s) we need approximately 10 people to help with either collecting money, cooking or serving. If you are interested in supporting one, or more, of these sausage sizzles, or want more information then, please email me with your name and contact number. Prior to each sausage sizzle I will email those interested for volunteers to fill each roles.

Together, we can help to continue this fun and valuable fundraising event.
Warm regards,
Murray murray.legrice@yahoo.co.nz

7. Our drop off and pick up zones are starting to function as intended before and after school. Please remember to arrange with your child where you plan on meeting them. You will notice we have installed numbered signs on the bays to make this easier for you and your child. It does take children a couple of minutes to get from their classroom to the bay so arriving from 3.05 would be beneficial for all involved.

Week 7 Reminders

  1. Tuesday is Sausage sizzle day, please purchase your sausage from the hall before school. The profits will be going towards The Arts curriculum area.
  2. ICAS Testing-We have two New South Wales tests this week.

    Monday – 9.20 am – Writing
    Wednesday – 9.20 am – Spelling

    Please ensure your child is at school in time to sit these tests. Thanks to all the students who have returned practice papers back to school. If you have any at home please return them back to school as soon as possible. These are the last two tests for Term 2. The English Test is in Term 3 on August the 1st. The Maths test is on August 15th.

  3. Rooms 45 & 46 will be visiting Corbans Estate on Thursday.
  4. Hands on creatures will be here for this weeks lucky classes on Thursday and Friday.
  5. Please remember the bays outside of school on Monaghan Ave and Seaview Terrace are for pick up and drop off only. This will be enforced by Auckland Transport. Our student travelwise team will be assisting in the organisation and education of the zones for the rest of the term. If you do need to park your vehicle then please do so legally.

201706 – Sausage Sizzle Blog Notice A4-zamv40

Week 6 Reminders

  1. This terms lost property will be out for display on Friday, please have a look in your classrooms lost property box or the boxes upstairs in the hall. All lost property not collected will be taken to the Salvation Army.
  2. Room 44 have their trip to Corban Estate on Friday.
  3. Hands on creatures will be in school on Thursday and Friday for this weeks lucky classes.
  4. Please remember the bays directly outside the school on Seaview Terrace are for drop off and pick up only. Please refrain from parking and walking your child into school. This will be enforced by Auckland Transport.

Week 5 Reminders

  1. This Tuesday is the NSW Science Exam.  If your child is enrolled in this exam please ensure they are at school on time.  The exam will be held at 9.20 am. If you have NSW practise papers at home, I would really appreciate that they are copied and returned promptly, so that all children are able to use them.  If you have any questions please email Claire Alger. claire@gladstone.school.nz
  2. It is Samoan Language week, children will be learning some Samoan words and phrases.  There will be lunch time ECA’s for children based around Samoan culture.
  3. Friday is house activity day, wear your house colours to show your house spirit.
  4. Cross country certificates will be handed out after assembly on Friday.
  5. Children are asked not to arrive at school prior to 8.15am unless they are attending OSCAR pre-school care. Please contact Michelle Nathan for bookings. michellen@gladstone.school.nz

Reminders for week 4

  1. The parent art workshop for children with special needs is taking place on Monday evening in the staffroom, please email Barbara McPherson if you plan to attend barbara@gladstone.school.nz
  2. Inter-school football zone day is on Tuesday at Seddon Field. A draw for the tournament can be found on the sports blog. http://blogs.gladstone.school.nz/sports/
  3. On Tuesday at 9.20 am we have our first UNSW test (also known as ICAS testing). Our first test is Digital Technologies. If your child is enrolled to sit this test please ensure that they are on time to school. Tim Faville (Year 6), Carol Elson (Year 5) and Lynsey Yelland (Year 4) will be administering the test. After the test their papers are sent to Australia for marking – they take a few weeks to be returned to us. When they are, we return their papers and test feedback to students and parents. Please note that we are required to abide by the UNSW guidelines – if your child is away from school on the test day, then they are not able to sit the test at another time. If you have any questions please email Claire Alger claire@gladstone.school.nz . If you have any practice test please return them to Claire Alger in room 31.
  4. This Tuesday we are having our Maths Parent Workshops in the staff room from 6.30 pm – 8 pm. Thank you to the many parents who have responded to say they are coming. If you haven’t done this yet, you are still very welcome to come along. If you have any questions please email Claire Alger claire@gladstone.school.nz
  5. The house captains will be attending the National Young Leaders Conference at Vodafone events centre on Thursday.
  6. Year 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 cross country will take place on Friday at Unitec, we will be departing school at 9.45 am from the covered turf. All children who have filled in the 5 km permission slip will be able to attend. Parents are more than welcome to join us to support. You can walk over with us or meet us at the sports field at Unitec. Children will run in age groups and all children who place 1st to 6th in the 8-11 year old age groups will get to attend the cross country zone day .


Time Age
10.10 8 girls
10.25 8 boys
10.40 6-7 girls
10.55 6-7 boys
11.10 9 girls
11.25 9 boys
11.40 10-11 girls
11.55 10-11 boys

LAST WEEK to get your tickets to the Gladstone Community Movie Night: ‘Adult Life Skills’, which is playing 8pm this Thursday 25th May – $25 per ticket incl complimentary drink.  Details are on the Gladstone Community Group Facebook page, or contact gladstonemovienight@gmail.com for tickets.


Week 3 Reminders

Reminders for week 3, term 2:

  1. Waterwise will take place Wednesday morning for room 47, Thursday for room 45 and Friday for room 49.
  2. Options start for children in Years 3-6 on Wednesday afternoon, children will be told on Monday what they will be doing.
  3. If you have any New South Wales test at home please return them to Mrs Claire Alger in room 31.
  4. There is a Sausage sizzle on Tuesday, please buy your sausage in the hall before school. The proceeds this week will go to the Senior School for resources.
  5. Please ensure your child/ren have a rainproof jacket to wear to and from school. We request for the safety and well being of all  children that they do not arrive at school prior to 8.15am unless they are enrolled in OSCAR preschool care.
  6. ‘I wish I was day’ is on Friday, children can dress as what they wish to be when they grow up. The student council ask for a gold coin donation and all proceeds will go toward the Make A Wish foundation.
  7. The boys inter-school football teams training is postponed from Monday to Tuesday this week.
  8. You have multiple ways of staying in touch with what is happening at school. If you are not a members of the Gladstone Primary School group on Facebook you will be missing out on many of the exciting happenings at school. We also have a very user friendly school app available at the Apps store (iPhone users)  or the Play store (Android users).

Week 2 reminders

We have had a great start to term 2, room 43 and 46 both had successful sailing days at waterwise. Room 49 presented a fantastic assembly on Friday by performing a myth which will is keeping with our terms focus on myths and legends. Discussion documents (reports) were sent home on Friday, if you have not received one please check your child’s bag or book bag.

Reminders for the week:

  1. Student involved conferences/ parent teacher meetings will take place on Wednesday and Thursday evenings this week.  We do aim for every parent to attend so please book a time on the online booking form or by calling the office.
  2. We continue fitness year round, it is getting cooler in the mornings so please ensure your child wears layers of clothing so they can be easily removed prior to fitness.
  3. Children are reminded they are not to arrive at school prior to 8.15am unless they are attending OSCAR pre-school care. This is for the safety and well being of your child especially as the weather changes.
  4. The Gladstone community group are selling movie tickers for a fun adults evening, details are on the Gladstone Community Group Facebook page.

Student Involved Conferences/Parent Interviews

Dear Parents/Caregivers

RE: Student Involved Conferences/Parent Interviews: Wednesday 10th & Thursday 11th May 2017.

This letter is to let you know that we have our Student Involved Conferences/ Parent Interviews on the following dates:

Wednesday 10th May from 3:15pm to 8:00pm, and Thursday 11th May from 3:15-7:00pm. School will close at the normal time of 3:00pm on these days.

Interview lengths are 15 minutes. This is a chance for you and your child (Years 4-6) to meet with teachers and discuss their achievement so far this year. For students Years 1-3 their participation remains a choice for you to make. Your son and/or daughter will bring home a Discussion sheet on Friday 5th May. Please talk about it with them and bring it to your interview. Claire Alger, Stephanie Oates, Barbara McPherson, Bevan Verryt, Colin Laing, Jessica Wells, and myself will also be available for an interview should you require one. Should you need to see Amanda Goodwin please contact her on amanda@gladstone.school.nz as she is unfortunately not available on these evenings. Our aim for these discussions is to get 100% attendance so if you are unable to make any of these evenings your child’s teacher will contact you to arrange an alternative time.

As usual we are using the online bookings for interviews. The guidelines for this are on the reverse side of this letter. If you do not have access to a computer at home these are available at our local public libraries, in your child’s classroom or feel free just to call in to the office and talk to Victoria or phone her on 846 9744 ext 700 to book your time. Online bookings will close at 9am on Tuesday May 10th at 9am. Any bookings or changes to bookings will then need to be made through the office.

We look forward to seeing you on one of these afternoons/evenings.


Dave Shadbolt


Gladstone Community Group Movie Night, 

8pm, Thurs 25 May (drinks from 7pm)

 ‘Adult Life Skills’

              Bridgeway Cinema, Northcote Point

              Tickets $25 each, including a complimentary drink


Come and join us for a private screening of this “funny, tender and brilliantly made” British movie about an almost 30 year old woman, living like a hermit in her mum’s garden shed – starring Jodie Whittaker (of ‘Broadchurch’ fame).

Check out the trailer at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RW0B0HvVW4Q

To purchase tickets, contact: gladstonemovienight@gmail.com or one of the committee members (Lee Dodds, Julie Carter, Julie Curtis, Kath Mitchell, Kelly Cook, Kerry Glengarry, Peter Bonisch, Renee Schick or Sarah Haigh).

All proceeds will go to the Gladstone School Community.

Reminders for week 1 of term 2

Welcome back to term 2, we hope you have had a safe and enjoyable break.

  1. Room 43 has waterwise on Tuesday and room 46 on Wednesday, please return permission slips and ensure children have all the correct equipment.
  2. Our worms in the school worm farm are needing more egg cartons. They shelter under them and enjoy the soft cardboard for their homes. Would you please send empty egg cartons (of any size) TO THE OFFICE, during the month of May.
  3. Discussion documents will be sent home on Friday afternoon. Please book a time to see your child’s teacher to discuss these further at the student involved conferences on Wednesday 10 and Thursday 11 May. Information for booking a time will be sent home this week.
  4. If your child travels to school on a bike, skateboard, scooter or any other human powered transport with wheels they will need to be wearing a correct fitting helmet.
  5. Ideas to help your child at home with maths parent meeting
    Tuesday May 23rd, 6.30 pm – 8 pm in the school staffroom.
    We warmly invite all parents to hear about the many ways that you can help your children at home with their maths. Come along and hear about:
    Maths Stages – overview
    Improving number knowledge
    Learning basic facts
    Dice games to improve maths
    Card games to improve maths
    Maths – practise available on-line
    NZ Maths – family pages
    Digital technology for maths learning
    Our aim is to give you lots of ideas to help you practise maths at home in a fun way. This meeting is suitable for all ages.
    Please RSVP to Claire Alger if you are intending on coming along.  claire@gladstone.school.nz